FacePlant Panther Blue Wasted Weekend Sustainable Sunglasses

£49.99 £69.99

The Low Down

We were going to do these in the classic tortoiseshell frame colour, but then there is nothing classic about a pair of Wasted Weekends, so we went mental and made them in blue and clear recycled plastic. Not just any blue though, Panther Blue. And before you say, but panthers aren't blue, stop and ask yourself about the Pink Panther. Anyway I digress, Panther Blue is the colour to wear this season, especially when no actual panthers were harmed in the making of these sunglasses. They look incredible, and you will look incredible too, and all the panthers will want to chat to you at the party, we think. Get them on your face today. hit the buy button, or the panther gets it!

Goes Best With: The Pink Panther, panthers, people who like the colour blue, people who have never seen blue tortoiseshell and want to check it out. 

Fit: Your Face

Frame: Panther Blue
HD Bio Lens: Black Velvet
Ultra HD Polarised Lens: Blue Lagoon


Dimensions: Width – 149.5mm / Height – 60mm

Thanks to the flexible materials and FLX Hinge 2.0, they will fit people with a larger head/face.

Made From 5 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Each pair of FacePlant™ sunglasses are made from five recycled plastic bottles, keeping them out of landfill and the ocean. This plastic is extremely tough and resilient, and when you have finished with the frames, they are fully recyclable. If you send them back to us, we’ll recycle them back into our production!

100% Biodegradable Lenses

Our lenses are biodegradable and made from plant-based materials. They have unreal optical clarity, alongside incredible impact and scratch resistance. The lenses will start to biodegrade after 10 days in the ground; they will disintegrate into carbon, H2O and organic matter in 60 months leaving no trace.

Replaceable Lenses

If you scratch your lenses, you can purchase a replacement pair from us and simply pop out the scratched ones, plant them in the ground to biodegrade and put new lenses in. Extending the life of your FacePlant™ sunglasses indefinitely. 

Freakishly Indestructible

FacePlant™ sunglasses are freakishly indestructible. We wanted them that way from day one, and we have created a product that will last you a lifetime. We’ve pulled them, squeezed them, sat on them, stamped on them, we even ran them over in a Land Rover Defender at 30 mph; they survived and are still wearable!

Feather Light

Our FacePlant™ sunglasses are exceptionally light, weighing in at a mere 31g, which is lighter than our CFO’s wallet after a night on the gin. All three founders are keen sports enthusiasts, and we wanted to make sure we could wear them mountain biking, running hard in 100 degrees or dancing on a beach!

UV400 Protection

All our FacePlant™ lenses are UV400 and Cat 3 rated, classed as the best protection for your eyes from UV and visible light. They are CE and UKCA certified, and we also have a polarised option for those looking for unrivalled optical clarity.

Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in our products so much that we offer a no-quibble lifetime guarantee on all our sunglasses. If you manage to break them, we will fix them for you. If we can’t fix them, we’ll recycle them into our 360 closed-loop production process and send you a new pair.

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