New Year Revolutions...

We've all been there, eaten our body weight in turkey and then stuffed so many Cadbury's Celebrations down our gullet we have a 7.5m chocolate and meat snake living inside us. It's OK though because once Christmas is over, then we have New Years Eve to look forward to. After you've had more cocktails than Tom Cruise, and celebrated the planet making it around the sun again relatively intact its time to go to bed. 

You wake up on the 1st of January, 5 kilos heavier than when you last stood on the scales on the Wednesday before Christmas. (Always weigh yourself on a Wednesday btw, you are at your lightest, it's a scientific fact). So, it's the first day of the new year and it's time for change. No more booze, you've eaten all the turkey and are surrounded by empty chocolate wrappers. 

It's time to hit the gym, shape up and work out. Except now it's the 7th of January, your abstinence lasted all of 6 hours and you still weight 5 kilos more than you should. With a bit of luck you managed to get rid of the chocolate meat snake. Anyway, f*ck it. Gyms are dangerous places, and there is always next year!