FacePlant® was founded in 2019; by three friends, Rou, Jon and Jane. Through our shared passion for living our lives in the outdoors and protecting the ever-fragile natural resource that is Mother Earth, we had a desire to change the way you think about sunglasses forever.

In 2019 unbeknown to each other, both Rou & Jon were independently researching how to make sustainable sunglasses. Over a drink and a few scribbled napkins, the concept for FacePlant® was born with a goal to create eco-conscious sunglasses by repurposing post-consumer waste into a finished product that is significantly better than anything else currently on the market. Unfortunately, the idea was easier than the reality. We enjoy a challenge, so we decided to take it one stage further and see if we could make the lenses biodegradable.

Designing the sunglasses from the ground up, focusing on durability and flexibility, we needed a factory that could produce the dream we had in our heads. During a two-year R&D period, we scoured the globe for a partner that could deliver both quality and sustainability. Finding a factory committed to working with only sustainable materials is much more of a challenge than any of us expected. Once we found a partner, we then undertook months of materials and product testing to make sure they could withstand the lifestyles we lead, and then some; it was around this time we started running them over with 2 tonne trucks!

Fast forward to 2021, and we launched the brand on Kickstarter achieving over 200% of our funding target. Since sending out our first orders in August of 2021, we have been shipping recycled plastic sunglasses with biodegradable and replaceable lenses to happy customers ever since.

We think you would look incredible in a pair of FacePlant® sunglasses too.