We are confident you will love the quality of our sustainable sunglasses; after all, we designed and made them for ourselves first and foremost, now we are sharing them with you.

Plastic is a massive problem for the planet. In America alone, they used 50 billion plastic water bottles last year, and with a recycling rate of just 23%, 38 billion bottles ended up in landfills, oceans and waterways. These plastics break down into microplastics and find their way into the sea, killing an average of 1.1 million animals per year.

We are turning the tide, one pair of sunglasses at a time. We upcycle post-consumer plastic bottles and break them down into chips that can be cleaned, heated and injected into our moulds to create your sunglasses. One pair of FacePlant® sunglasses takes five recycled plastic bottles to make each frame; this material is incredibly durable and flexible.

Our goal is to create a closed-loop production process where we recycle your old frames into new ones. Although we would prefer you to have these sunglasses for life, sometimes accidents happen. To try and mitigate any such situations, we have made them as tough as we can. You can even run them over with a truck, and they won't break, although we suggest you don't do this, as we already did it for YOU (successfully, might we add). (insert link here?)

As we all know, the lenses are the most vulnerable component in a pair of sunglasses; they can get scratched over time, rendering your sunglasses unwearable. We wanted to address this and make sure our lenses were different from the outset. We make them from bio nylon polymer; this material is incredibly tough and has incredible optical clarity. Best of all, it starts to biodegrade after eleven days in the ground; after around 60 months, they will fully degrade into carbon, plant matter and water, leaving no harmful chemicals in the earth.

While our lenses are resistant to scratches, they aren't as robust as our frames. If you do scratch them, you can easily replace them, leaving the old lenses to biodegrade in the earth. This extends the lifecycle of your sunglasses indefinitely. The hard-wearing frames should last a lifetime, and with fresh lenses whenever you need them, your sunglasses will always look and feel brand new.

We have two lenses on offer, the HD Bio Lens and the Ultra HD Polarized Lens. Both lenses are CAT 3 UV 400 rated, offering the maximum protection from harmful UV rays your eyes can get. The HD Bio Lens provides incredible clarity and vision in harsh conditions; our users have mistaken them for polarised lenses in the past. Our Ultra HD Polarised lenses take that optical clarity to the next level, especially in bright conditions, where the sun is low in the sky - these are great for those of you who spend time on water or in the mountains.

The hinge can be another weak point in the design of any sunglasses. To address this, we designed the FLX Hinge 2.0; this beefed-up hinge is spring-loaded to allow it to flex the wrong way and subsequently make it very strong. Made from stainless steel, which is 100% recyclable, they have been designed to stand up to the rigours of daily use. These hinges are an integral part of our sunglasses and are one of the reasons they are so durable and flexible.

We are really proud of our finished product, and we genuinely believe in the exceptional quality of the FacePlant® sunglasses. Weighing in at just 31grams, they are perfect for wearing during all kinds of sports, down the beach or at the cocktail bar at sunset.

We offer a no-quibble lifetime guarantee. We really want you to treat your sunglasses with the love and respect they deserve. However, if you break them in a freak accident, we will stand by our product. Simply send the old pair back, and if we can't fix them, we will recycle them and send you a new pair.