FacePlant Ultra HD Polarised Lens Upgrade Crash Overrides


The Low Down

Want polarised lenses for your FacePlants? You need this upgrade! If you want the ultimate treat for your optic nerve then upgrade to our Ultra HD Polarised lenses.

Perfect for dealing with harsh light while giving the ultimate optical clarity. Made from Bio Nylon Polymer with a polarised coating they are perfect for the eco-conscious party starters out there.

UV400 and Cat 3 protection with our Lagoon Blue mirror finish to pimp yo FacePlants

Simply pop out your HD Bio Lens, save it for a rainy day and put your new Ultra HD Polarised lenses in your frames.


All our FacePlant™ lenses are UV400 and Cat 3 rated, classed as the best protection for your eyes from UV and visible light. They are CE and UKCA certified, and we also have a polarised option for those looking for unrivalled optical clarity.

Replaceable Lenses

If you scratch your lenses, you can purchase a replacement pair from us and simply pop out the scratched ones, plant them in the ground to biodegrade and put new lenses in. Extending the life of your FacePlant™ sunglasses indefinitely. 

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