Are you tired of scratching your sunglasses, have you broken a pair in the past? Do you have a draw full of frames you love but the lenses are so scratched you can’t wear them? Well, FacePlant™ are going to fix that…

We are on a mission to change the way we think about sunglasses, forever.

Our frames are made out of five recycled plastic bottles, keeping them out of the ocean and landfill; the resulting material is incredibly tough, flexible and durable.

What really sets us apart though, is the biodegradable lens technology we are championing. Most brands use polycarbonate lenses, which are plastic and destined to hang around on this planet for a very long time. FacePlant™ lenses are 100% biodegradable and will start to break down after ten days in the ground.

FacePlant™ lenses are also replaceable, so when you scratch them, you can pop them out, plant them in the ground and replace them, extending the life of your sunglasses indefinitely.


Going even further still, FacePlant™ sunglasses are freakishly indestructible; in testing, we ran them over with a 2-ton Land Rover Defender at 30mph on tarmac, and they survived. You can bend them, sit on them, jump on them, and they won’t break; we even offer a no-quibble lifetime guarantee.

In addition to the sustainable credentials, the sunglasses are super light, weighing just 31 grams, perfect for active sports and for wearing all day without getting pressure points.

Furthermore, all the lenses are UV400 Cat 3 and CE and UKCA certified, offering you the best-in-class protection for your eyes.