Here at FacePlant we stand by our products, we’ve done lots of testing and believe we’ve created something that is freakishly indestructible. However, there are limits to what our sunglasses are capable of.

The guarantee does not cover lenses or scratches to lenses.

It is a fair use guarantee that covers general use as a pair of sunglasses, ie wearing them on your face, putting them down on things and taking them in and out of the bag.

We cannot cover damage outside of what we consider fair use, if you try and break them to test how strong they are, or if you feed them to your dog, sit on them stand on them or crush them with a car, digger, hydraulic press, or get an elephant to stand on them, we are not responsible for your actions.

If they break under normal fair use we will give you a new pair at our discretion.

If you do manage to damage them accidentally by sitting on them, jumping on them, slamming them in a car door, or anything else that isn’t fair use then we will offer you a crash replacement deal of up to 50% off the cost of a new pair.

Please treat your sunglasses with the respect they deserve.

Leave the wanton destruction to us…