We Like To Party!

Ever wondered where our now ubiquitous slogan "We Like To Party" came from? We thought not, but we're going to tell you anyway...

It all started when we launched a website holding page to harvest a few emails ahead of our kickstarter campaign. As we were building the page we were trying to think of some funny quirks to add in order to get the feel of the brand across. 

Jon our CDO came up with the idea to have the Vengaboys and We Like To Party as an amusing video to autoplay once you added your email address. All we did then was change the "submit" button to one that said "I Like To Party" and we honestly thought we were the funniest thing since treadmill fail videos hit the internet...

Suddenly our rather cool and considered tag line of "Offbeat Vision For Life" became "We Like To Party" and the rest they say is FacePlant history. 

If you look carefully at the packaging on our sunglasses you can see some nods to this event in our history... Can you find them?